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FÁS Staff:

We have two members of FÁS staff working with us. Noel and Peter are located in the Clubhouse on Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 11.00am. They are responsible for general cleanliness and in particular for cleaning the Dressing Rooms and the marking and grass cutting of the Pitches. We fully appreciate their work which greatly adds to the cleanliness and presentation of the Club.

New and Renovated Facilities: 

The Club has heavily invested over the last few months by adding new facilities and renovating the old Dressing Rooms. Parents and players are invited to go into the Clubhouse and have a look. 

We have built on two IRFU size home Dressing Rooms, a Referees Room and a Disability Room. We have built two new Wet Rooms (shower units) with at least 10 showers in each room. We have enlarged two of the Old Dressing Rooms, turned the other two Old Dressing Rooms into a Gym (Weights) Room. We have moved the two Portacabins to the pitch side of the Clubhouse, we have put on a new roof and painted them One contains Club furniture and machinery and the other contains Rugby training and playing gear. All the electrical work has been done with new timed lights being installed, a new Fire System is now in place and signs have been put up on each internal door. We have a new electrical shower adjusting system, in the main hall, which must be turned on for 2 hours before the showers are required. Of course, we have adjusted all the new works and have painted them including the toilets (male and female). 

We were required, in the Planning Permission, to put in a new effluent system and this is now inserted to the west side of the Car Park. We have cleaned up the Car Park area and have installed a new boundary fence. We would ask our members and visitors to keep the eastern side of the Clubhouse clear and not to park in the region of the generator so that any Ambulance summoned can move on to the pitch, if required.


We have had two breaches of Clubhouse security in the last year.  We also had the battery stolen from the Generator and the Diesel taken from the tank. We have since strengthened doorways and added further security measures. The new back door to the pitches has had a metal cage erected on its outside. This locked cage will be opened, for safety reasons, when the Clubhouse is occupied. On the generator we have now locked it fully and the pitch lights are operated only from the wall inside the Clubhouse. On a number of occasions various doors to the portacabins and the Car Park have been left open overnight and lights have been left on. There is a written instruction, for those tasked with closing up the Rugby Club, on the notice Board immediately inside the main door. Please be aware of security issues and report any breaches to a Committee member.