Wednesday 29th November, 2017 -Safeguarding & Club Policies

Within the IRFU the previous Child Welfare Poicy has been replaced with a more all encompassing SAFEGUARDING POLICY. This states how clubs, and the sport in general, relate to the protection, welfare, development and treatment of our players, and in particular our younger players. To read more go to "INFO" then "SAFEGUARDING" or click HERE.

See below to learn about the other club policies :-

1.  Newbridge RFC Rules and Constitution

2.  Newbridge RFC Conduct of Members Policy Handbook

1. Newbridge RFC Rules and Constitution

      -  as at 14th May 2014 (updated at 12th May 2017)

The current Rules and Constitution of Newbridge RFC, as approved at the club's AGM on 14th May 2014 and updated with Trustee Amendment at AGM on 12th May 2017, can be access by clicking HERE.

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2. Newbridge RFC Conduct of Members Policy Handbook

      -  as at April 2017

To access this policy by clicking  HERE.

Policy Introduction :-

Strategy for Newbridge Rugby Football Club"To build a family, friendly, club atmosphere, one of support, respect, and pride in what we represent and to instil that ethos in all members, particularly the men and women who take to the pitch". 

The reputation of Newbridge Rugby Football Club (NRFC) is a valuable asset. We pay a heavy price if we do not keep the trust and confidence of our members, our sponsors, the rugby community, and the public generally. This handbook sets out the general principles that govern the way in which NRFC conducts its affairs. 

We, the Officers of NRFC, are the leaders of our Club, but the members are the custodians of our Club’s reputation. Your personal behaviour and the example you set moulds our culture. It is the responsibility of the Officers, Coaches, and Senior Players to lead by example in order to set the standards for our members.  

Together with our fellow Officers, we carry ultimate responsibility for the governance of NRFC. We rely on you to enable us to discharge this responsibility.

                                Mick McCoy   (Chairman)                               Fiona Nugent   (Hon. Secretary)

Handbook Contents :-

  • Code of Conduct
  • Compliance with Legal & Regulatory Obligations
  • Environment Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Information Security Policy
  • Privacy & Data Protection Policy
  • Policy on Media Relations
  • Diversity Statement
  • Expenses Policy
  • Non-Smoking Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Accident & Incident Reporting
  • International Match Tickets