Extract from Newbridge RFC - Formation

Newbridge RFC was formed after the amalgamation of neighbouring clubs, Curragh RFC and Old Kilcullen RFC, in June 1996. Through the 1990s, both of these clubs had struggled on the pitch, with recruiting players and new members and for financial support. They each required a new start.
Initial exploratory discussions started in May 1995 but these had fizzled out by August of that year. More serious discussions were resumed in November 1995 with the two clubs being represented by four executive members each :-

   > Curragh by Harry Quirke (President), Don O’Keeffe (Chairman), Con McNamara  (a member of the original merger team) and Sean Hayes

      (a new member of the merger team)

   > Old Kilcullen by Ollie Delaney (President), Niall Kidd (Chairman), Rory O’Carroll (Secretary) and Kieran Murphy (Treasurer).
Following challenging discussions, negotiations and compromising an amalgamation agreement was reached. This was put to the respective memberships at separate AGMs during May and June of 1996. A trial merger of two years was initially agreed. The new club was called Newbridge RFC. The club’s first President was Pierce McCorley, Chairman was Bill Perrin and Captain was Martin Donnelly.

Newbridge RFC Honours Won

Year           Division                     League Position           Honours & Trophies Won

96/97                   3                                   3rd (Promoted)                 Hosie Cup (Winner) ; Anderson Cup (J3) (Winner)

98/99                   2                                                                            U20 Gale Cup (Runner Up)

99/00                   2                                  14th (Relegated)               NMA U18 League (1st)

01/02                   3                                  14th (0 pts)

02/03                   3                                    4th (26 pts)                      Naas J1 Floodlit Cup (Winner)

03/04                   3                                    5th (26 pts)

04/05                   3                                    1st (Promoted)                Leinster League Div 3 Winner

05/06                   2                                                                            Leinster League Div2 Seconds Winner

06/07                   2                                                                            Lalor Cup (J2)

07/08                   2                                    1st (Promoted)                Leinster League Div 2 Winner ; Spiers Cup (J3) (Winner)

08/09                   1                                                                            League divided into Sections A & B

09/10                   1B                                  1st (Promoted)                Leinster League Div 1B Winner ; Hosie Cup (Runner Up) ; 

                                                                                                           Dunne Cup (J4) (Winner)

10/11                   1A                                                                          Lalor Cup J2 (Runner Up)

11/12                   1A                                  4th                                   Provincial Towns Seconds Cup (Winner)

12/13                   1A                                                                          Hosie Cup (Winner) ; Provincial Towns Seconds Cup (Winner)

13/14                   1A                                  7th (Relegated)               Hosie Cup (Runner Up)

14/15                   1B                                  7th (Relegated)

15/16                   2A                                  5th (31 pts)

16/17                   2A                                  7th (21 pts - Playoffs)      Won Playoff to remain in Division 2A

17/18                   2A                                  5th (34 pts)                      Leinster Under 13 McGowan Cup ; Leinster U18 League Div2 Winner

18/19                   2A                                  3rd (47 pts)                      Hosie Cup (Runner Up) ; Hosie Cup Blitz Winner

19/20                   2A

Note :-

   1. North Midland Area Cup Competitions    

       >  NMA - North Midlands Area   

       >  J1 - Hosie Cup   

       >  J2 - Lalor Cup   

       >  J3 - Spiers Cup

   2. Leinster Branch Cups

       >  U20 - Gale Cup    

       >  J3 - Anderson Cup   

       >  J4 - Dunne Cup

       > U13 - McGowan Cup

   3. Naas Floodlit Cup   

       > Final 2003 ---- Newbridge 11 pts v Cill Dara 10 pts.    

                                 This was a very significant victory in the rugby

                                 playing recovery of Newbridge RFC

20th Anniversary Celebrations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​During 2016 Newbridge RFC celebrate 20 years since its formation

following the amalgamation of Old Kilcullen RFC and The Curragh

RFC in 1996. Click  HERE  to find information on the club's history

Newbridge Rugby Club is holding a celebration to mark 20 years of

the Club on Friday 14th October 2016 at 8.30pm. We would like to

extend a welcome to this event to all our Newbridge Rugby Club

members and partners and to the former members of the Curragh

and Old Kilcullen Rugby Clubs. 

Newbridge Rugby Club was founded in 1996. The amalgamation has proven to be most successful. ​Throughout these 20 years we have risen from Division 3 and have played for four years in the new structure of the Leinster League Division 1A.  We also initiated a Women’s Team who won the Leinster League and were All Ireland Cup semi-finalists. We have developed the Clubhouse, drained the Pitches, updated floodlights to all pitches powered by a new generator. Our Under-Age playing population has flourished. We are currently in Division 2A where we have consolidated our position.

In our first outing on 1st September 1996 Newbridge played Co. Carlow at the Green Road ground with Martin Donnelly captaining a side In which was coached by the late Paddy Butler. We are marking the anniversary on Friday 14th October 2016 at 8.30 pm.  It will consist of a commemorative buffet function in the Clubhouse at Rosetown where the team of 1996 will be present. 

Time has moved on and so has our Club. I am therefore asking you and your partner to make a special effort to be there to commemorate the 20-years of this magnificent and friendly Club. It will cost you €15 per person at the door. Please let Dave or Ollie know of your attendance by latest Wednesday 12th October 2016.
We are also updating our database and ask you to confirm, by Email, your First name and Surname and your mobile number.
Dave Ashe                                    Ollie Delaney
President NRFC                           Representative to North Midlands Area

087 2315157                                087 2381208
ashe@upcmail.ie                         izzxdelaney@eircom.net                     

At Newbridge Rugby Club, we're very proud of our club's tremendous achievements in the relatively short period since the club was formed in 1996. You can find out more about our club's rich history, prior to its foundation as a result of a merger between The Curragh and Old Kilcullen Rugby Clubs. To read the full story, see some fascinating photos and learn more about our club's achievements why not  

Newbridge Rugby Club History